Special Interview: Hilly and Hannah Hindi, Creators of World Famous ‘Gagaween’

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Join us as Hilly and Hannah Hindi of ‘The Hillywood Show’ take us inside the world of ‘Gagaween.’


By Scott Finley

Little monsters of every age, wouldn’t you like to see something strange? Well, you’re in luck! If you haven’t already seen it, take a look at “Gagaween,” an eye-popping and hilarious Lady Gaga parody guaranteed to give every little monster a thrill.

Within a few days of being released on YouTube, “Gagaween” had garnered hundreds of thousands of views. It was an instant sensation among little monsters and even Mother Monster herself.

Hilly and Hannah got quite a shock when Lady Gaga tweeted about “Gagaween” shortly after its release, writing “OK THIS IS AMAZING MONSTER VIDEO, haus of gaga just peed in the bed laughing. This girl looks just like me!” Since then, the video (still just two weeks old) has racked up close to one million views.

I managed to get in touch with Hilly and Hannah last week, and they were kind enough to answer my questions about “Gagaween.”

Scott: First of all, congratulations on the shout-out from Lady Gaga! How does it make you feel knowing you’ve gained the attention of the world’s biggest pop star and her fiercely loyal fan base?

Hilly & Hannah: We were shocked! We considered Lady Gaga to be an unreachable goal. Once we heard from fans that she tweeted and Facebooked the video, we were screaming around our house! We can’t thank her enough for doing that for “The Hillywood Show.”

Scott: I personally find the video to be very respectful of Gaga and her art. It pokes fun, but in a good-natured sort of way. Gaga herself has given it her stamp of approval, but how about the little monsters of YouTube? Do you find that most of them appreciate the humor?

Hilly & Hannah: Yes, they do! We have tons of little monsters who love the video and we also have had other people, who don’t like Gaga, and they loved the video! It’s been a win/win situation!

Scott: Do you consider yourselves little monsters?

Hilly & Hannah: Of course! Who doesn’t like Lady Gaga? Her music gets us moving for sure!

Scott: Good answer! Tell us a bit about the creative process behind Gagaween and your other parodies. How do you decide what to parody and where do you first proceed creatively once a project concept has been established?

Hilly & Hannah: We first come up with an idea for the show, then we begin scripting it. Once that is established, we begin the pre- production process of costume designing, casting, makeup testing, location scouting, scheduling, etc…

Scott: Is there a certain division of labor split between the two of you for each video or does it vary? How does that work with two sisters who must each have their own artistic vision?

Hilly & Hannah: We work together mostly through everything! Especially scripting and coming up with the concept of the production.

Hilly: I do all the editing, graphics, and web site for the show.

Hannah: I do all the cinematography, directing, and alot of pre-production for the show.

Scott: I have to say, the costumes in Gagaween look incredibly authentic. The Yüyi and Jo Calderone costumes are particularly convincing. Tell us a bit about how they were created.

Hilly: Well, Jo Calerone was very easy only because it was all recycled costume pieces we have used in previous productions. On the other hand, Yüyi was difficult to obtain! However, luckily we found a company called “Mermaid Rentals” and were able to get a gorgeous tail for the character!

Scott: If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of budget were you working with?

Hilly & Hannah: “Gagaween” cost us about $3,000 to create, which is very under budget with big projects such as “Eclipse Parody” that cost us around $10,000.

Scott: Wow! I’m amazed at what you were able to achieve with only $3,000. The video looks absolutely incredible. What’s your secret?

Hilly & Hannah: Well, we have a lot of supporters who will help us out with a discount or sometimes simply donate a prop, costume or location for “The Hillywood Show!” They are an immense blessing!

Scott: What’s next for The Hillywood Show? Any more Gaga parodies in the works?

Hily & Hannah: We have tons of new ideas in the works with regard to productions! We hope to bring back more Lady Gaga in the future. You never know!

Scott: What’s next for The Hillywood Show? Any more Gaga parodies in the works?

Hily & Hannah: We have tons of new ideas in the works with regard to productions! We hope to bring back more Lady Gaga in the future. You never know!

Scott: Thank you for talking with us. It has been an absolute pleasure. Before you go, is there anything special you would like to say to the little monsters reading this?

Hilly & Hannah:  Thank you all so much for being Hilly Monsters of “The Hillywood Show” as well! By you all sharing it with friends and Lady Gaga, you made all of this possible!

Don’t miss the “Gagaween” behind-the-scenes video, coming soon to YouTube from The Hillywood Show! 

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